Bargadar is a  person who cultivates the land of another person on condition delivering the share of produce or taking share of the produce from the land owner.

Name of bargadar may be recorded in the R.O.R. u/s 21D of the W.B.L.R. Act  read with section 50/51 of the said Act. The right of Bargadar for cultivation of land is hereditary and not transferable.

The bargadar for recording his name in  the R.O.R. is to apply to the B.L.& L.R.O./ R.I. of the area along with  schedule of land he cultivates.

A field enquiry and hearing are made by the empowered R.O. with due notice to the Bargadar and the owner of the land and if  the claim of the bargadar is found genuine, he may be recorded as Bargadar in the  R.O.R.

Various disputes regarding barga cultivators are dealt with u/s 17 to 21 of the W.B.L.R. Act, 55  by the empowered R.O. as per  provision of law. c)

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